El Jadida – Social Distanced

El Jadida Suite, named after the port city on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, is a smaller function venue in a unique, Afro Moroccan setting.

El Jadida Suite can be utilised for all business and corporate meetings, with exits to the Parking area / outdoor smoking areas, it makes it ideal for smaller functions and training events or seminars.

Venue Specifications:

SIZE: 81sqm (9mx9m)

LAYOUT: El Jadida is perfect for smaller functions and meetings. With a built-in stage, projector and screen, it is perfect for presentations to groups between 12 participants (plus a presenter). It lends itself to training scenarios and small seminars that require some demonstration space

Features List:

  • Direct access to the Parking Lot
  • Built In Projector Screen and projector
  • Built in Stage
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • High Speed Wifi Access
  • Air Conditioning
  • Generator on-site

Due to current government regulations, we can only present social distanced workshops and conferences, no other events or functions at this time.

Seating: Conference Participants must be seated 1,5m apart and must have assigned seating (no changes allowed once a seat has been occupied)

Masks: Mask must be worn at all times. Conference organisers may not give permission to remove masks. Presenters may present without masks as long as they are no less than 2m away from delegates.

Amenities: Each delegate will receive their own amenities and amenities may not be shared.

Sanitising: Sanitiser will be provided in venue for delegates to sanitise their own workspaces.

Ventilation: All venues have inner and outer doors that can be opened as well as airconditioning units

(Includes a Presenter)

Please Note: An additional venue hire will be charged if the number of delegates are below the minimum requirement per venue. Technical details for each venue are available on request.

Seating Options:

Set Menu

El Jadida can be used for more intimate functions, catering for up to 12 patrons for food based events, the suite is perfect for a unique Banqueting setup for up to 12 pax.


Cocktail setup can not currently be provided. We would, however, suggest that you look at more scenic venues like Bondev Chapel for Cocktail based events, once social gatherings and alcohol service is allowed post lockdown.

Half Moon 

A Half Moon setup is possible in the El Jadida suite (for instance, an Awards Ceremony or other type of presentation where workshopping is required in small groups) for up to 12 pax (3-4 per table, dependant on whether all delegates must be able to see a presenter or projector screen).


A Boardroom Setup is available in El Jadida for up to 8 pax but we would suggest looking at one of our other boardroom specific venues first.


El Jadida is perfect for an intimate presentation set up in Social Distanced Cinema Style for press releases and can host 20 pax. The high speed internet also makes it ideal for quick access and publication of breaking news stories.


The Schoolroom Style is, like the cinema style, targeted at smaller groups for training purposes. A comfortable maximum of 16 pax is possible.


The large U-Shape setup is often employed in El Jadida for AGM or Board Meetings. We can accommodate 9 pax in this setup style.

Double U-Shape

The Adjusted Double U-Shape setup is often employed in El Jadida for teleconferencing. We can accommodate 12 pax in this setup style.