Couture Wedding Cake & Bubbly Tasting


Weddings, as we know them, have become complicated at best…

We have all had to rethink how we do “I Do’s” and many of us had to reschedule our celebrations more than once… so to assist you in the last touches, we have a small expo of exquisite service providers in the Royal Lounge at the end of February.

Your ticket allows you to join us for a delectable cake tasting, and match it up with some unique bubblies and sparkling wines, and after looking at suit fabrics and wedding gown designs, sit down in the restaurant or poolside with a complimentary cappuccino!

Because of Social Distancing Rules
(as we can only have limited guests in
a venue at any time)

Location: The Royal Lounge, Royal Elephant Hotel
Date: 27 March, 2021
Time: 11am to 1pm (booked slots only)
Price: R90.00 per person


Dainty Delights Couture Cakes

Come and do a Couture Wedding Cake Tasting with Dainty Delights! Not only is their cakes Devine, but they taste like heaven, too!

Lily Fields Wedding Gowns

Every girl dreams of getting married in a Princess Gwon. Lily Fields can make your dreams a reality!

Helen du Plessis Wedding Photography

As you look back on your wedding day, years from now, and you page through your album, you will fondly remember every moment captured… frozen in time. Beautiful memories!

The Secret Sommelier

What is a celebration without Bubbly!? The secret Sommelier has you covered for both Wine and MCC’s. Come and taste which will suit your cake the best!

London Royal Bespoke Men’s Suits

For the absolute best and most stylish Men’s Attire, London Royal can supply off the shelf or completely custom solutions for you!

Royal Elephant Hotel

Not yet locked into a venue? We have great, cost-effective option for you!