The name originates from the fez or tarboosh, which is a red felt hat, either in the shape of a truncated cone or in the shape of a short cylinder made of kilim fabric. Both usually have tassels. The fez has a varied and sometimes controversial history, but has symbolic meaning in many different cultures. It has even spawned modern web communities interested in the heritage and fashion of the fez.



SEATING CAPACITIES: 80 Persons (Inside and outside)

Banquet Inside
Round tables -60 pax
Cocktail – 90 pax

Banquet Outside
Steel tables Informal – 50 pax
Cocktail – 70 pax

Fezorati Nomadic Tent

The Fezorati Nomadic Tent Area caters to the Public and Hotel Guests.

Private event catering can be arranged according to guest requirements after 18:00.

Set Menu – 60 pax
Buffet – 60 pax
Cocktail – 100 pax


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