Terms and Conditions – Weddings

These terms and conditions apply to all venues, accommodation, weddings and events on the premises as well outside food & beverage catering of the premises.


1.1. The Hotel rates offered are as per quotation per person per night. They exclude extras such as room service, mini bar, telephone, laundry and other personal expenses. Rates are inclusive of 15% VAT and 1% Government Tourism levy.

1.2. Groups and Conventions rates are applicable to groups of 10 (Ten) rooms or more. Should the required room numbers fall below 10 (Ten), the rack rate will apply.

1.3. Check-in time is after 15h00 and check-out time is before 10h00. Should different arrival or departure times be required prior arrangements must be made, and there may be an additional charge for this.

1.4. Royal Elephant reserves the right to place guests in alternate/similar accommodation in the event of the hotel being full for any reason whatsoever.

1.5. Royal Elephant has the right not to accommodate the applicant without an original order/voucher or confirmation with clear billing instructions.

1.6. A full detailed rooming list is required 72 (Seventy two) hours prior to group and guest arrival.

1.7. Credit card authorisation will be required for all incidentals upon check-in of all guests.

1.8. A room key card deposit of R 20.00 will be required for every room key issued. This will be charged to the room account and will be refunded upon checkout if key card is returned.

1.9. Royal Elephant shall not be held accountable for any loss or damage to room drops. Royal Elephant will assist the client in doing room drops with prior armaments being made. The client needs to provide a representative to accompany the staff member during the room drop process.


2.1. Day use of the venue is between 08h00-24h00 (Full day Room hire); Should a function exceed an agreed upon time allocation, an additional charge of R 2 000.00 (Two Thousand Rand) per hour will be levied.

2.2. Allocation of venues are at the discretion of Royal Elephant, and the right is reserved to reallocate a function to another suitable venue should this be required.

2.3. All venues and services quoted are subject to availability at the time of the enquiry and booking.

2.4. Should the Client wish to use pre-function areas, rain plan venues, lounges or gardens for any reason, the Client shall pay for associated venue hire costs.

2.5. In the event of any damages to venues, the property or related assets in what so ever form or way the Client will be held accountable for all replacement or maintenance cost.

2.6. In the event of any stage production or specialised Audio Visual presentation needing 3 phase power, an additional electrical usage bill will be for the clients account. Charges will be invoiced once the municipal account has been finalised.

2.7. All the venues at the Royal Elephant Hotel & Conference Centre do not include 3 phase power. Additional generator power or requirements will be for the clients own account.


3.1. No Food or Beverage may be brought onto the premises, by the client or the guests attending an event, for consumption in terms of an event, function or special occasion.

3.2. No Food or Beverage may be taken from the premises, by the client or the guests attending an event.

3.3. All menus and wines chosen are subject to availability. Wine vintages cannot be guaranteed.

3.4. Special dietary requirements must be confirmed with Royal Elephant 14 (Fourteen) days prior to the event; additional surcharges are applicable for these requests.

3.5. The Royal Elephant does not permit any outside catering on its premises in any form or way.


4.1. Royal Elephant reserves the right to approve all items intended for exhibitions, signage or displays requested by the Client.

4.2. Should you wish to bring electrical or other equipment into Royal Elephant, e.g. sound equipment, lighting equipment, etc, and or require affixing decor or other materials/collateral to floors or ceiling hanging point, prior arrangement with Royal Elephant’s Banqueting Manager is required.

Only approved suppliers are allowed to work in the venues and need to adhere to all Health, Safety and Security regulations.

4.3. All banners must be free standing. No items are allowed to be attached to the walls in any form or way.

4.4. Should the property and or equipment incur any damage as a result of the event, all charges for damages will be forwarded to the Client’s account for payment.

4.5. Royal Elephant will not supply any equipment or structures for promotional item displays, unless agreed so by Management in writing.

4.6. All equipment, décor or structures belonging to the customer or their suppliers must be removed directly after the function, unless otherwise agreed by Royal Elephant. Royal Elephant reserves the right to remove any such goods at its sole discretion without liability in case of loss, theft or damage resulting thereof.

4.7. All goods belonging to customers or their suppliers that were stored with the consent of Royal Elephant and are not removed from the venue within 7 (Seven) days after the event, shall become the property of Royal Elephant and may be disposed of as seen fit, without any liability resulting from this act.

4.8.   Royal Elephant Management has the authority to instruct the Client/Technicians to lower the DB sound levels in all areas at all times.

4.9.   Royal Elephant reserves the right to cancel an event should the client not be upfront regarding their activities on the premises, and should these activities be deemed a threat to security and the Royal Elephant rules and regulations.


5.1.   This reservation shall only be confirmed upon the return of this agreement, duly signed by the person/s responsible for payment (Client) or an authorized representative. Any person signing this agreement on behalf of the customer warrants that he/she is duly authorized to do so and undertakes personal liability in the event of lack of authority.

5.2.   Final delegate numbers (within a 10% (Ten percent) variance of the original) should be confirmed 72 (Seventy two) hours prior to the event. Please note that the confirmed number or actual number, depending which is greater of the two numbers, is the number that will be charged for. However, if the number of delegates reduces from the original number on the signed agreement less than 10 (ten) days prior to the event, then 90% (Ninety Percent) of the total cost of the function will be charged.

5.3.   Should the final numbers reduce to less than the venue’s allocated minimum numbers, a penalty fee will be applicable.

5.4.   On receiving a Group, Conference & Event Agreement from Royal Elephant the client will have 7 (Seven) days to confirm the event by signing the Agreement and 7 (Seven) additional days to finalise payment. Confirmation of the event is strictly by a non-refundable deposit of 50% (Fifty percent) of the Agreement value.

The additional 50% (Fifty percent) payment is payable 31 (Thirty one) days prior to the event. Should there be any late amendments or changes then the balance of the payment must be settled 14 (Fourteen) days prior to the event. If there are any other changes which results in a financial implication to the Agreement within 14 (Fourteen) days of the event, then payment must be made before end of business on the day when the change was made.

A Credit Card Authorisation form is also needed as confirmation to these changes.

5.5.   When a function is booked within 14 (Fourteen) days of the event, the Client shall be liable to pay 100% (One hundred percent) of the estimated quotation, including accommodation rates if applicable, on date of booking. If this confirmation policy is not adhered to, Royal Elephant reserves the right to release all bookings and arrangements.


6.1.   Royal Elephant reserves the right to charge a 10% (Ten percent) to 20% (Twenty percent) Incidentals fee dependant on the size of the event, on the total Agreement amount to cover  any additional charges raised by damage to property, unforeseen costs, unpaid bills, etc. This charge will be refunded to you less the amount used for the incidental costs, within 2 (Two) weeks after the event. This forms part of the full prepayment required in order to confirm the event.

6.2.   Royal Elephant reserves the right to charge and invoice onto the Agreement, an estimated amount allocated for beverage consumption during all day conference packages as well as all master account bar arrangements.


7.1.   All prices include VAT and are subject to change without prior notification.

7.2.   If the method of payment for the function is done by credit card and the total invoice amount exceeds R 50 000 (Fifty Thousand rand) an additional 5% (Five percent) charge and VAT, on the total invoice, will be applicable.

7.3.   Credit Card Authorisation

The credit card authorization form must be completed and returned. This will be used for the additional charges that arise on the day of the event should this amount not be covered by the prepayment.

7.4.   Refunds

Refunds will only be processed once the account is fully paid.

Refunds will only processed at the written request of clients and once the bank details have been submitted in writing.

The refund payment process will take up to 2 (Two) weeks from the date that Royal Elephant receives the relevant bank details and refund request.


8.1.   Full payment is required from all Clients who do not have an account. This payment is required prior or on the Royal Elephant deadline date. Payment by means of bank guaranteed cheque, credit card or cash is acceptable. Cheque payments into our bank account will not be accepted.

8.2.   Any additional charges incurred are to be settled BEFORE DEPARTURE FROM THE HOTEL.

8.3.   Should a Client fail to pay the required deposit, Royal Elephant shall be entitled to release the venue and cancel the booking arrangements, including accommodation bookings.

8.4.   Interest will be charges at 4% (FOUR PERCENT) above prime rate if accounts are not remitted as per this agreement. The Client will also be hold accountable for all collection agent fees as well as legal fees which may have resulted of Royal Elephant taking action to collect outstanding dept.


9.1.   In the event that a Client wishes to cancel an event, 1 (One) calendar months’ notice must be given in writing to Royal Elephant.

9.2.   The following cancellation fee will be levied if failing to cancel within the guidelines:

Notice from 30 (Thirty) – 14 (Fourteen) days prior to the event – 75% (Seventy Five percent) of the total cost will be charged
Notice from 13 (Thirteen) – 8 (Eight) days prior to the event – 90% (Ninety percent) of the total cost will be charged
Notice within 7 (Seven) or less days prior to the event – 100% (One hundred percent) of the total cost will be charged.
9.3.   On cancellation of the event by the Client, the Client shall be required to pay any costs already incurred by Royal Elephant on its behalf at the time of cancellation in respect of the following: décor, printing, equipment hire, entertainment fees and food and beverage purchases.

The Client will also forfeit their non-refundable deposit.

9.4.   Royal Elephant may cancel the agreement or any uncompleted part thereof, or the Client’s credit facility, if the client commits a breach of any of the terms or conditions of the agreement; or, is provisionally sequestrated or surrenders or makes application to surrender their estate; or, being a partnership, the partnership is terminated; or, being a company or close corporation, is placed under a processional or final order of liquidation or judicial management; or, has a judgement record against it which remains unsatisfied for 7 (Seven) days; or, comprises or attempts to compromise generally with any of their creditors.


10.1 Royal Elephant shall not be liable for any venues or accommodation reserved by the Client, which are no longer available as a result of an Act of God, Act of Government, or other authorities, wars, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, epidemics, delays in construction or completion of Royal Elephant facilities, or as a result of any cause beyond Royal Elephant’s control. Royal Elephant shall incur no liability to provide any space or accommodation reserved, if such inability is due to the above.


11.1 Royal Elephant shall not be held accountable for any loss, damage, death or injury to exhibits, merchandise, personnel, equipment, furniture or property during an event and/or anywhere on the premises, including accommodation. The Group Organiser and the Client will accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the Exhibitors or their guests, and agrees to indemnify and hold blameless Royal Elephant, it’s Directors and employees from and against any and all claims for such loss, damage, death or injury, no matter how caused.

11.2 The client will pay for any damages or losses caused to Royal Elephant property, or to any third person or their property, by the Client or their guests.

11.3 Royal Elephant shall not be held liable for any loss of merchandise or articles prior to, during or after the event and/or stay at hotel.


12.1 Advice, recommendation or opinions by representatives of Royal Elephant are given and expressed in good faith and shall not constitute representation of any description, and shall not give rise to any claim against Royal Elephant or such representatives.

12.2 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of The Republic of South Africa. In the event Royal Elephant having to institute legal proceedings against the client in terms of this agreement, then the client agrees to pay all costs incurred in respect of such an action on a scale as between attorney and own client, including collection of commission. The applicant hereby consents to the jurisdiction of any Magistrates court having jurisdiction over its person.

12.3 Royal Elephant reserves the right of admission to its premises and may have any persons removed in the event of unruly, defamatory, or distasteful behaviour, or whatever reason may constitute the said person to be damaging to the reputation of Royal Elephant as a premier establishment.


13.1 No extension of time or other relaxation or indulgence granted by Royal Elephant to the client shall operate or be deemed to be a waiver by Royal Elephant of any of its rights under this agreement or a notation of any terms and conditions herein.

E&OE – Errors and Omissions Excepted