Zagora Grill Room – Take Away

We know how much you enjoyed your visits to the Zagora Grill Room, Sitting next to the pool or in the Royal Lounge before dinner is served, but with the current limitations on gatherings, you may want to avoid the crowds…

BUT… that doesn’t mean you should miss out!

Chef Lindes de Jager has compiled some amazing dishes that you can serve at home from our brand new Take-Away Menu Options! If it is part of our Lunch or Dinner, then you can take it home with you!

Click in the menu above or this link to see what is available!


012 658 8000

Please allow 1 hour to
freshly prepare your meal.
Payment on Collection
Collect at Hotel Reception.


LUNCH & DINNER:    11h00 – 19h00

Frozen Foods

We know how much you love Zagora, but with the current Social Distancing guidelines, it is just not always possible to eat out. So for your convenience, we now also have Frozen foods available!

How to order?

Step 1: Complete the form below with your details

Step 2: Select your Frozen Meals and Extras and submit your form – The Hotel will contact you and confirm your order and pickup time

Step 3: Pick up and Pay for your order from the Royal Elephant Hotel Front Desk

Step 4: Enjoy!

Date on which your Frozen Meals will be Picked Up

Frozen Meals

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with Bacon and Onions