Zagora Wine & Spirit Collection

The Zagora Wine & Spirit Collection is the unique new concept in Wine and Fine Dining!

In the middle of the Zagora Grill Room, we have created a glass-enclosed wine room where you can browse The Wine Wall with unique, once-off wines that are not on our wine list… The Perfect Opportunity to experience a new wine or winery when you are feeling adventurous!

But there is more!

Every two months the rest of our Wine Room is handed over to a new Wine Farm or Distributer to present new and exciting wines!

Chef Lindes creates an amazing Zagora Grill Room pairing with the Sommeliers and winemakers that has the wine display for that time, so you can enjoy a delicious wine-paired menu (that is not part of our standard fare) any evening after 6pm.

And Remember… most of our new wines can be ordered from the Secret Sommelier at Zagora for delivery to your home collection!

Reserve a Table in the Zagora Grill Room:

Please provide a phone number if we need to get hold of you in an emergency.
For Anniversaries and Birthdays, we set up the high-back chairs for the guest(s) of honour. Please indicate in the comments who the "Guests of Honour" are as well as their gender.
Is there anything specific you would like us to know about this reservation?

In the Box: Piekenierskloof (April & May, 2021)

For April & May, enjoy a few great wines distributed by the Secret Sommelier by the Piekenierskloof Wine Company.

The wines for the Zagora Pairing are the:

  • Piekenierskloof Grenache
  • Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc
  • Piekenierskloof Grenache Rosé
  • Piekenierskloof Cinsault
  • Piekenierskloof Six Hats Voignier