Larache Plenary Room

Larache Suite, named after the important harbour town in the northern region of Morocco, consists of a main plenary room with an adjacent break away room. Ideal for medium sized events with the need of a private breakaway session and elegantly designed for multi-purpose use.

The Larache Suite can be used for business or private Functions and Conferences, and can easily be switched around from a morning conference in Double-U shape setups to an evening Gala Dinner and prize giving in Half Moon Banquet style for the same function group.

Venue Specifications:

SIZE: 90sqm + 32sqm (9mx10m Plenary, 5mx6m Breakaway )

LAYOUT: The Larache Plenary Room is a multifunctional square room with a built in stage area and a secondary break away room that can serve as a small waiting area, boardroom or refreshment station. The room has multiple exit doors to the parking area in front of the Conference Centre, giving it various access points for training room setups.

Features List:

  • Access to connected Break away area
  • Multiple Entry Points
  • Built in Projector and Screen
  • Small Stage
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • High Speed Wifi Access
  • Generator on-site


Break away

Please Note: An additional venue hire will be charged if the number of delegates are below the minimum requirement per venue. Technical details for each venue are available on request.


Seating Options:

Set Menu

The Larache suite can comfortably host 80 pax in Set Menu and Banqueting options (and with the added break away space, it can easily be set up for a Buffet option).


Should you decide to entertain with a Cocktail Setup, the maximum setup will be for 100 pax.

Half Moon 

A Half Moon banqueting setup is possible in Larache, but only for a maximum of 40 pax.


Due to the size and shape of Larache, a Boardroom Setup is not advisable in the plenary room, but one can be set up for 15 pax in the break away room, should it be required.


The Larache Plenary Room, set up in Cinema Style, can host 100 pax, and is often used in this manner for presentations and prize givings. If required, the break away space can also be set up in this format, for up to 25 pax.


The Schoolroom Style is very practical in Larache, and can comfortably be set up for a medium sized group of up to 66 pax. This setup is also possible in a smaller scale in the break away room for no more than 15 pax.


The large U-Shape setup is often employed in the Larache Plenary Room. We can accommodate 33 pax in this setup style.

Double U-Shape

The Double U-Shape is a favourite in Larache as it can host a select group of 45 pax for core meetings or conferences.