Hendrick’s and High Tea – 9 November 2019


Summer is for Friends and Friends are for Unusual Experiences!

Only R245 per person!

Every ticket includes a seat at the Gin Masterclass from Hendrick’s Brand Mixologist, the Cucumber Cool Joshua Garthwaite where you will not only learn how to, but also mix the perfect Hendrick’s Gin Southside, afterwhich a Delectably Cool Summer High Tea will be served from the kitchen of Chef Andrew!

Eat as the chef eats, dream as the poet dreams and stay on land when the captain refuses to go to sea. – Paula Escha

Booking Essential!

9 November 2019
10:30 for 11am to 2pm
Zagora Gazebo, Royal Elephant Hotel




The High Tea Menu

A little savoury

  • Cucumber and avocado sandwiches with rocket micro shoots
  • Smoked salmon and ricotta herb crepe canape topped with dill soured cream
  • Minted goats cheese and asparagus tartlet with pea shoots
  • Mini cones of beer batter haddock goujons and chips with tartar sauce
  • Mini tortilla wrap of chorizo, shrimp, cheddar and guacamole


Something Hendricks Sweet

  • Hendricks gin and tonic citrus cheesecake with ginger nut biscuit base 
  • White chocolate and Hendricks gin fudge with lime
  • Strawberries in Hendricks gin and lime syrup with crushed black pepper

Bookings are Essential!

We are limited to only 30 seats for this event, so bookings are essential!