Moulay Functions

Moulay is a Function Venue

The Moulay Lounge, perfectly named after ‘Moulay’, a small surfing village in Morocco and also the chosen name of many Moroccan monarchs, overlooks the pool area and deck at the Royal Elephant Hotel.

Moulay Lounge is a round, open-air lounge with built-in couches in the far wall and bannisters on the open side for summer events, out in the open, but still completely private! 

Tables can be paired for small dining options but ideally, it works best as a cocktail space with a live musician and a few good friends!

The lounge’s regal ambience makes it ideal for smaller cocktail functions. Selected menus are available for private functions; reservations for Moulay Lounge must please be made in advance.

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Max Pax: 34

Mounted TV Screen

Generator on site

SIZE: 63m²

High Speed WIFI: 100mb+

Open Air

Venue Specifications

SIZE: 63sqm 
(9m accross, round)

LAYOUT: The Moulay lounge is situated above the Oasis Bar and is an open-air space perfect for private parties. 

Round with limited seating, it lends itself to small intimate groups and private functions.

The 2nd storey lounge is accessed by stairs and is not wheelchair friendly.


  • Built in Cubicles with Wall Couches

    Built-in Wall couches and dividers provides for small, intimate, cubicles

  • Stair Access

    The Stair access and extra doors ensure a private venue, even though it is open-air

  • Secure Parking in Estate

    A separate and secure parking area is available next to the venue.

  • High-Speed Wifi

    And Fibre-Based Internet access for your convenience.

  • Mounted TV Screen

    There is a mounted TV screen for small presentations or viewings

  • Open Air

    As this is an open-air venue, there is no airconditioning but it is wonderful for summer events

  • 24x7 Power

    A separate generator is attached to this venue to ensure power during load-shedding events.

Seating Options

Floor Plan

Floorplan of the Moulay Lounge
Moulay Floorplan (Click for larger version)