Media Creator’s Offer – Photoshoot Day Use


Lockdown and Self-Isolation were critical, but now we need to rethink, restart and reboot our businesses! We need to continue implementing our recovery plans, and making everything new and shiny is definitely the way to go!

Don’t Wait!
Embrace the changes that are
the new landscape of your industry!

We need to jump out of the blocks running at full speed!

For our Imaging Industry friends, we would like to offer a special day-use rate to use the hotel as a location or studio space.

  • Models and Photographers, build up marketing material and fresh imaging for your portfolios.
  • Podcasts and Live Streamers, come and do your reviews & interviews at the Royal Elephant (we have 100mbps wifi throughout the hotel and public areas)
  • Photographers, book our location for your client shoots.

For the next few weeks, while our bookings and services are limited, we can offer you “Day-Use” rooms to work from for only R1,000 per day.

So if you have a few models on your books that need new portfolio images, or looking for a place to work from for the media generation for editorial publications and recording, why not book in at the Royal Elephant Hotel and Conference Centre for a day of creative portfolio building or client shoots?


All rooms are still cleaned and sanitised according to the requirements set forth by the government as well as suggested measures by TTA, TBCSA & FEDHASA

Only guests of the Royal Elephant Hotel and Conferencing & Function guests may use the Hotel and Grounds for Photoshoots.

Because of this, a photographer will need to book a room for Day-Use should they want to shoot at the Royal Elephant. If no rooms are available, we are too busy to be able to accommodate you for a photo shoot.

Even if you do not intend to use a room to shoot in, we still require the room booking and you can use the room as a location to prep in (styling, Hair and Make-up) as well as a storage area for wardrobe and equipment not used for a specific part of your shoot (it helps to keep clutter in public areas to a minimum and also reduces the chance of theft or other losses.

a Day-Use room allows…

  • Usage for 1 to 6 hours,
  • Checkout no later than 5pm – Delays in Checkout will switch your room to an overnight stay and create a new booking for you.
  • no sleepover allowed, 
  • a max of 6 people (photographers, assistants, stylists and models all included)

You may also shoot in hotel public spaces, as long as they are not occupied by other guests, or interfering with the safety and/or tranquillity of other guests and patrons. Please ask the Media Manager if you are unsure!

The Social Distancing Guidelines for Business is as follows:

  • Remain 1,5m apart at all times
  • Face Masks are required in all public areas. Face shields for any “close-in” contact where a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained
  • Frequently sanitize and adhere to handwashing guidelines
  • Refrain from clustering in groups

To book a room or request more information, please fill in the form below:

Please pay attention to LockDown Guidelines and requirements, especially when shooting behind the scenes images and video. Whether you agree with the COVID requirements or not, for us to keep on operating and serve you, we need to comply 100%