Royal Lounge (Function ASSIST)

The Royal Lounge is a Guest Space

The Royal Lounge is a quiet and peaceful setting with couches and high-back chairs, arrayed to seat groups of 4 to 7. It is a comfortable area where Hotel guests can relax and unwind after a long and busy day, with service available from the Oasis Resident’s Bar and has full air conditioning as well as high speed internet access via wifi.

In the winter a fire is usually lit behind the Royal Elephants to keep the space warm and pleasant.

The Royal Lounge is located next the Oasis Residents Bar and can be accessed either from the Oasis Residents Bar or from the Hotel Reception.

This lounge is available to hotel guests and not open to the public or private events, and cannot be rented on it’s own but may be used on occassion as part of an event or function for Welcome Drinks or as a VIP waiting area.

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Venue Specifications

LAYOUT: The Royal Lounge is a walkthrough area from the Foyer to the Oasis Bar and is always open to the public. 

It is a favourite space for Wedding Photographers as well as restaurant guests for a few images for their social media memories.

The couches is set up in three groups, seating 4-8guests each.


  • Oasis Service

    Drinks can be consumed in the lounge and the area is serviced by the Oasis Residents Bar

  • Wheelchair Accessible

    The Gazebo area is wheelchair accessible (but please note: the raised dias is not)

  • High-Speed Wifi

    And Fibre-Based Internet access for your convenience.

  • 24x7 Power

    A separate generator is attached to this venue to ensure power during load-shedding events.