Wine Cellar

In celebration of Africa’s winemaking legacy, the Wine Cellar is a cool and appealing space that is a stylish extension of the Hotel’s hospitality, welcoming sophisticated intimate affairs. Sexy, functional and fresh, the cellar room receives groups for an unsurpassed wine and culinary experience.

The décor of the Wine Cellar, situated below the Zagora Grill Room, embraces the world of winelands charm, contrasting a quirky mix of nostalgia and Cape Dutch modernism. This venue is ideal for private celebrations or corporate functions.

Venue Specifications:

SIZE: 120sqm (4mx15m + 4mx15m)

LAYOUT: The Wine Cellar is split in two with a grand staircase leading up Zagora Grill room and the bathroom areas. Various Layout options exist, either as a split seated area, or keeping one side as a “public” area for a Dance Floor, DJ/Entertainment or Buffet (or a small chapel for an all-in-one wedding venue)

Features List:

  • Access to the Private Lounge (as an in-house smoking area)
  • Split areas for more complex setups
  • Attached Bar Area
  • Attached Kitchen Area
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • High Speed Wifi Access
  • Generator on-site


Please Note: An additional venue hire will be charged if the number of delegates are below the minimum requirement per venue. Technical details for each venue are available on request.


Seating Options:

Set Menu

The Wine Cellar is booked on venue hire rates so there is no minimum seating requirements on Set Menu and Banqueting options (although a minimum of 30 pax are required for Buffet). The maximum for this style of seating is 80 pax, but if all seating needs to be on one side and “public area” setups on the other side, then the maximum would be 64 pax


Should you decide to entertain with a Cocktail Setup, the maximum setup will be for 100 pax.

Half Moon 

A Half Moon banqueting setup is possible in the Wine Cellar (for instance, a Wine Tasting or other type of presentation) for up to 40 pax.


A Boardroom Setup is available in the Wine Cellar for up to 34 pax


The Wine Cellar set up in Cinema Style can host 80 pax, although its not really practical because of the split in the middle of the wine cellar.


The Schoolroom Style is, like the cinema style, not very practical in the wine cellar, but it has been set up for a few clients in the past. A comfortable maximum of 40 pax is possible.


The large U-Shape setup is often employed in Wine Cellar for private functions. We can accommodate 30 pax in this setup style.

Double U-Shape

The Double U-Shape is not available in the Zagora Wine Cellar