Pashash Pizza, Pub & Grill


We realised that what the world needs is a trendy, vibey, and comfortable space where you can have a relaxed drink after work, a quick and easy lunch at an exceptional price, a comfortable area to take a client, but above all… a place to call your own!

Themed Grill and Buffet Restaurant catering to the Public and Hotel Guests

LOCATION:             Ground floor, Conference Side

SEATING:                120 Persons (indoors and outdoors combined)

CUISINE:                 South African Pub Food + Gourmet Pizza

Pashash has a Public House menu as well as the Create-Your-Own Gourmet Pizza section, with Grill Specials on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays.
Pashash serves food for Lunch and Dinner

Seating is split between tables outdoor under the Nomadik or at benches inside the Bar.

Open Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 10pm

You can see a menu here