Zagora Gazebo Functions

Zagora's Gazebo is a Function Venue

Just outside the Zagora Grill Room, the Wrought-iron covered Zagora Gazebo is waiting for your function!

The Zagora Gazebo area is a semi-private, open-air area with strong decorative features which includes pillar fountains on one side and a view of the Koi pond on the other side.

Perfect for smaller outdoor events like weddings, anniversary dinners, birthdays, baby showers and perfectly lit up for romantic and formal dinners at night.

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Max Pax: 60

Raised Wrought-Iron Gazebo

Generator on site

SIZE: 153m²

High Speed WIFI: 100mb+

Open Air

Venue Specifications

SIZE: 153sqm 
(Raised Gazebo: 9m long, oval)

LAYOUT: The Zagora Gazebo is accessible from the street, as well as from the restaurant, so its not a private area.

The whole space is covered in Layered shade cloth with the main feature the raised metalwork gazebo.

Water features on both ends also cools down the space a bit, but usage of the function area is weather dependant.


  • Open Air

    As this is an open-air venue, but is covered with shade netting to keep the midday sun under control

  • Zagora Service

    The area is serviced by the Zagora Grill Room but extra staff is brought in if you block off the area for a function.

  • Zagora Catering

    events in this area are catered for from the Zagora Grill Room Main Kitchen and A La Carte Menu

  • Wheelchair Accessible

    The Gazebo area is wheelchair accessible (but please note: the raised dias is not)

  • Parking Lot Access

    The venue is accessible from the parking lot through two heavy gates, so your guests can be welcomed directly.

  • Secure Parking in Estate

    A separate and secure parking area is available next to the venue.

  • High-Speed Wifi

    And Fibre-Based Internet access for your convenience.

  • 24x7 Power

    A separate generator is attached to this venue to ensure power during load-shedding events.

Seating Options

Floor Plan

Zagora Gazebo Floorplan (Click for larger version)